The Book Of Everyone

The Book Of EveryoneThe Book Of Everyone makes a brilliant gift for anyone of any age from 1-100, and for any occasion. It is a personalised keepsake book, full of 50 pages of special facts and figures that make a glorious celebration of someone’s birth date, but the thing that makes it exceptional is its depth of detail and its absolutely beautiful design.

The Book Of Everyone collaborates with a whole host of designers, illustrators, writers, photographers, mathematicians and techies who help bring the random facts and figures to life through their talent and creativity. The facts and figures are a combination of historical details, e.g. most popular TV programme in the year the recipient was born, and personalised details that you input yourself, e.g. the recipient’s biggest vice.

The Book Of EveryoneIf you’re thinking of putting together a Book Of Everyone, there are a few different options – the original edition and a few spin-offs including a Christmas edition; milestone edition for those ‘big’ birthdays; romantic edition for occasions such as Valentine’s Day or an anniversary; ‘mum’ and ‘dad’ editions perfect for Mother’s and Father’s Day; and the Quickie edition which incorporates slightly less personalisation but – as the name suggests – can be put together very quickly.

The Book Of EveryoneEach beautifully crafted book is individually printed and dispatched in under a week, and you can choose from digital, softback, hardback, or deluxe gift versions, ranging from £7.95-£49.95. The personalisation process itself doesn’t take long (or you can cut it out completely in the Quickie edition), and once you’ve registered on their website you can save your progress. This means you don’t need to complete the book in one session, and you can go back and check you’re happy with everything before placing your order.

To have a browse of the different books available and see lots of examples of the different pages, take a look at The Book Of Everyone website. We found that the easiest thing to do was to register and just have a play around!


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