Singing HandsSinging Hands is a  local company that has been running their well-loved classes for babies and toddlers since 2003. Singing Hands teach Makaton signing (just like Mr Tumble!) through their multi-sensory songs, storytelling, games and activities. Makaton is a widely-used sign system throughout the UK, which supports speech and combines signs, speech and symbols to promote children’s language development. Singing Hands founders, Suzanne and Tracy, are both Regional Makaton Tutors and Patrons of the Makaton Charity.

Singing HandsSinging Hands’ unique and enthusiastic approach is designed to help develop a child’s communication potential in a fun child-centred way. Learning to sign helps eliminate frustration and promote understanding, helping you to understand what your child thinks, needs and feels. Singing Hands courses last for 10-weeks (each class is 40 minutes long) which allows you to gradually build up your signing vocabulary. Each week the class starts with a ‘hello’ song so that the children and adults learn each other’s names, and this in turn helps to build friendships within the class – an equally important reason for going to a Singing Hands class.

Singing HandsSinging nursery rhymes is such an instinctive thing to do with your baby, and adding signs to these rhymes makes them much more engaging to watch for your little one. Similarly, learning the signs alongside the rhymes is also a great way of helping you remember the signs when you are at home. The Singing Hands repertoire covers vocabulary for greetings, family members, mini-beasts, numbers and counting, farm animals, jungle animals, the alphabet, people who help us, transport and vehicles, colours, emotions, the weather and so much more.  Every week you will learn something new.

All Singing Hands’ language activities are delivered with their tried-and-trusted multi-sensory approach. Their classes strive to appeal to children’s different learning styles so that everyone in the class is able to learn in their own unique way. There are lots of different types of songs to enjoy, including hello/goodbye songs, warm-up songs, call-and-echo songs, songs in the round, songs with harmonies, lively knee-bouncers, movement songs and gentle soothing rhymes too. Lots of these songs will become much-loved earworms.

Singing Hands currently run baby and toddler classes in Twickenham, St Margarets and Teddington, for children from 3 months to 4 years old. For more information take a look at their website.


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