Singing Hands

Singing HandsSinging Hands is a well-loved local class for babies and pre-school children, centred on signing fun for little ones. They run sing and sign-along sessions, just like Mr Tumble from Cebeebies! Suzanne and Tracy initially learnt Makaton as a result of two of their children being born with additional communication needs. They started integrating the signs into story times and sing-alongs, and in time this developed into the Singing Hands classes they run today. These classes are suitable for all children and great fun at the same time!

Singing Hands help you and your child communicate together, and introduce you to the amazing world of signing with Makaton. Their unique and enthusiastic approach is designed to help develop a child’s communication potential through music, songs, games and activities. Learning to sign helps eliminate frustration and promote understanding, helping you to understand what your child thinks, needs and feels.

Singing HandsAt a Singing Hands class, the primary focus is on learning language in a child-centred way so that it is motivating, engaging and most of all, fun. And by fun – they mean for your child AND for you! Singing Hands’ courses last for 10-weeks (each class is 40 minutes long) which allows you to gradually build up your signing vocabulary. Each week the class starts with a ‘hello’ song so that the children and adults learn each other’s names, and this in turn helps to build friendships within the class – an equally important reason for going to a Singing Hands class.

Singing nursery rhymes is such an instinctive thing to do with your baby, and adding some signs to these rhymes makes them much more engaging to watch for your little one. Similarly, learning the signs alongside the rhymes is also a great way of helping YOU remember the signs when you are at home.

Singing HandsAll Singing Hands’ language activities are delivered with their tried-and-trusted multi-sensory approach. Their classes strive to appeal to children’s different learning styles so that everyone in the class is able to learn in their own unique way. The tutors sing live to fantastic backing tracks prepared by a renowned professional musician. They sing in a comfortable key for adults to join in, and at a much more user-friendly pace than many other classes because they want families to be able to sign along as they sing. All the music tracks have lovely arrangements with a wide range of musical treatments to suit the theme of the song. There are lots of different types of songs to enjoy, including hello/goodbye songs, warm-up songs, call-and-echo songs, songs in the round, songs with harmonies, lively knee-bouncers, movement songs and gentle soothing rhymes too.

Singing Hands currently run baby and toddler classes in Twickenham, St Margarets and Teddington, for children from 3 months to 4 years old. For more information take a look at their website.


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