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Better Life Skills Mean Better Results

Children are better off learning skills for life as well as being schooled in the classroom

Role Models an education business that focuses on character development. Role Models’ courses in ‘Collaboration’, ‘Creative Problem Solving’, ‘Resilience’, ‘Leadership’ and ‘Brilliant Me & My Confidence’ are available for children between the ages of 6-11 years in inspiring venues across London.

Role ModelsThese ‘Learning to Fly’ courses help children to develop the 4Cs – creative problem solving, critical thinking, communication and collaboration – as well as bringing out important character attributes such as leadership, resilience and growth mindset in the attendees. These are all qualities that senior school entrance boards and, ultimately, employers are crying out for today.

Role ModelsThe Role Models course ethos is based around the belief that talking and thinking should be given as much weight as reading and writing in any child’s development. Run by highly experienced Role Models and delivered through active learning, each course seeks to challenge and empower the children. 

What to expect from a week-long course:

– Your child will be active and moving around for most of the week

– None of the tasks are intended to be easy; in fact, the children may well struggle with many of the exercises at the first attempt and this is how coping skills emerge and are harnessed

– The week includes fun activities that encourage the children to explore ways of working together to solve team challenges and timed exercises

– Specific activities may include: working as a team to come up with a plan to herd ‘blind sheep’ into a pen using only noises under timed conditions; leading the team to create different shapes with a rope while they are blindfolded; working as a team to empty a bucket of ‘toxic waste’; and creating and presenting their own ‘Dragon’s Den’ product design

Role ModelsThere are details below of Role Model’s 2019 summer courses, but please visit the their website to find out more. You can also email or call 020 3637 7107 to discuss any of the options with a member of the Role Models team.


Summer Courses:

July 22nd – July 26th 2019    

Brilliant Me & My Confidence (age 6-7); Collaboration (age 8-11); Creative Problem Solving (age 8-11)

August 19th – August 23rd 2019

Leadership (age 8-11); Resilience (age 8-11)

August 27th – August 30th 2019

Brilliant Me & My Mind (age 6-7); Resilience (age 8-11) ; Creative Problem Solving (age 8-11)

Address: Chelsea Academy School, Lots Road, Chelsea, London SW10 0AB

Price: £395: sibling discounts, multi-buy and mutual referral discounts available. Childcare vouchers accepted.

“She came back each day bubbling with enthusiasm over what she’d done. The course has currently been rated her number one holiday activity!” – a satisfied parent!

2017/2018 statistics

– 91% of students would be likely or extremely likely to recommend a course to a friend

– 90% of parents would be interested in a future Life Skills Courses

– 95% of parents said that their child enjoyed or really enjoyed themselves

Role Models also offers resilience programmes and one-to-one leadership programmes (online or at your home) as well as Role Models’ bespoke courses for small groups of children aged 8-15 years. 


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