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Puddle Ducks logoPuddle Ducks South-West London offers a wonderful swimming journey for your little ones, from birth to 10 years. Their programme is designed by leading baby and child swimming experts, and is held at pools across South-West London, Middlesex and Surrey, including Twickenham and Ham. The progressive lesson plans instil water confidence and a love of swimming, and Puddle Duck’s highly-trained teachers tailor activities to individual abilities and needs in groups of no more than ten children.

Baby & Pre-School Classes (from birth to 4 years)

Puddle DucksSwimming is one of the most AMAZING experiences you can share with your baby! Babies have a real affinity with water, having spent nine months in the womb – they can be taken swimming from birth and don’t need to have completed their injections (Puddle Ducks follow NHS guidelines). From a young age babies love the freedom, massage and gentle exercise that the water offers. The benefits to both parents and babies of swimming together are immense:

– There’s plenty of eye contact and skin to skin to encourage bonding with baby

– It helps you and your baby feel relaxed and confident in the water

– It is socially stimulating and fun activity for both of you

– For parents who can’t swim, it can build your confidence in the water too

– Babies and toddlers will learn the importance of water safety from a young age, instilling a respect for water that will last a lifetime

– Children taught by Puddle Ducks can often swim 10m before they start school!

Puddle DucksTo arrange Baby & Pre-School Classes for you and your little one, please contact Puddle Ducks South West London by calling 020 8456 8470 or emailing southwestlondon@puddleducks.com. You can also find out more information about the programme, teachers and pool locations on their website, and there are some great testimonials from local parents.

Puddle DucksPuddle Ducks also offers Swim Academy classes for children aged 4 to 10 years. Whether your child has swum in their Baby & Pre-School Classes, or has only ever dabbled with the family, they will have a class that’s just right for your little one. For more details on where you can swim, please visit their website.


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