Pictologue logoPictologue is a social enterprise, committed to creating a world in which everyone can communicate, participate, learn and have fun! They provide toys and games that are enhanced for children and young people with communication difficulties, as well as children of all abilities.

PictologuePictures are one of the most powerful ways to discover language. Pictologue’s team of therapists and product specialists develop and create an inspirational collection of fun and functional picture communication resources for play, routines and activities. They provide specialist information and support on the use of pictures with children and young people who have communication needs, so that they can contribute and engage in daily activities to their communicative potential. Statistics show that 10% of all children may have long term and persistent communication needs, which in Richmond is likely to be reflected as around 5,000 children – that’s 3-5 children in every class, nursery or children’s centre.

Pictologue’s Inspiration

The expression of needs, wants and preferences is vital, the look of understanding is priceless, and the ability to share something with someone is the foundation of all relationships. This is the essence of communication.

Pictologue’s Playroom

PictologuePictologue’s playroom has been designed with children at its heart. Playing is the foundation of learning and one of the best ways to develop language, communication and social skills. The playroom focuses on creating an inclusive environment with fun activities and picture-enhanced toys and games that are updated seasonally. You can join Pictologue’s weekly playgroups or reserve the playroom for you own private play date with friends and family. Find out more here.

Toy Library

Pictologue’s toy library service includes advice on how to stimulate communication skills through play. They offer a monthly rental service at Richmond and Twickenham libraries, and at their store in Mortlake. Meet them to choose from a seasonal selection of games, toys and puzzles, with prices that range from 50p to £4.00 per item for one month. See their website for more details.

Toy Shop

All the toys from their toy library and play room are also available for purchase from their shop or online store. All proceeds from sales in the toy shop go to support their work with local children who have additional needs. Visit them in-store in Mortlake or online.


Pictologue’s specialist children’s therapy service is designed to enhance and develop speech, language and communication skills at home, nursery, school or centre. Take a look at their services page or email for more details.

Pictologue can be found at 39 Lower Mortlake Road, Mortlake SW14 7HH (see their website for opening hours). They can be contacted on 020 8878 5498 or by emailing info@pictologue.co.uk. You can also follow them on Facebook for all their latest news and events.


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