Nafisa Therapy

Nafisa Therapy

Nafisa LogoNafisa has been a complementary therapist since 2000. She has always had an affinity for natural living and has enjoyed the wonders of complementary therapies from early on in her life. As a child she saw how conventional medicine was the norm, with mum taking the usual medicine for menopause, people taking tablets for a headache, blood pressure tablets etc etc! Falling down the stairs as a child, she was given half a headache tablet, a tetanus shot, and a glass of water… but she felt that surely this was not the only way to look after your body, that there must be a balance.

Nafisa reflexologyNafisa’s first experience of reflexology in a little hippy part of Devon changed her life to as it is now. Her reflexology treatment was an emotional and relaxing experience at the same time. Could pressing your feet really help the mind, body and soul so effectively? She was so taken by the treatment that after leaving Devon she studied reflexology in London, and spent many years working alongside some great reflexologist and body workers in Bayswater and Chelsea. Her thirst to know more grew over the years, so she subsequently also trained in different massage disciplines.

Nafisa Baby MassageAll the treatments Nafisa offers complement each other, working with nature in the best possible way to heal and balance the body. She has been taught by some of the best in their field: Peter Walker with his amazing knowledge of babies and special needs; Susan Enzer, midwife and maternity reflexologist; and Katherine Graves and Marie Mongan, experts in the field of hypnobirthing.

Nafisa PregnantNafisa is happy to treat all family members, but since becoming a mother her work has become more pregnancy and maternity focused, specialising in pre and post natal massage, reflexology, and baby massage with soft yoga stretches. Meeting mums wishing to have a safe and comfortable birth has also led Nafisa to explore the world of hypnobirthing – it’s not as ‘tree huggy’ as it sounds and no, she will not send you off in a trance! In her own words:

“I truly believe in the benefits of holistic treatments and the results that it achieves in the people I treat. I offer a professional, comprehensive and safe approach to all my treatments, ensuring my clients receive the best possible care and advice”.

To find out more about how to improve your health and vitality, you can contact Nafisa on 07773 844273 or by emailing Her advice is free and she would be very happy to work with you to choose a treatment which is right for you. For more information, you can also take a look at Nafisa’s website.


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