Little Steps Baby Massage

Little Steps Baby MassageLittle Steps Baby Massage was set up by Tamás Dominkó, a massage therapist and daddy of a wonderful little girl who inspired him to train to also become a teacher of baby massage. As a qualified massage therapist in remedial and pregnancy massage, he discovered the healing power of touch, but he would have never thought what a beautiful magic will take place during baby massage.

Little Steps Baby MassageTamás has experienced the most incredibly peaceful and enjoyable moments with his daughter. The feeling is almost indescribable – everything slows down, the time and surroundings disappear, your breathing slows down and you are completely tuned in to your little one. What you can feel is just the unconditional love and happiness that spreads throughout your body and then transfers to your baby through your loving touch. Tamás started to recognise his daughter’s needs quicker and how to respond to them.

This amazing experience gave Tamás the courage to share the power of loving touch with other parents, to enable them to create a long lasting, strong bond with their babies, support their development and experience the same magical moments that he did.

Little Steps Baby MassageBaby massage will help you to communicate, bond and deepen the attachment with your baby through the power of loving, nurturing touch. Further benefits of baby massage include: the encouragement of relaxation and improved sleep; development of body awareness and coordination; relief from colic and digestive discomfort; and helping your baby’s mental, physical development.

Tamás’s courses take place either in a group or one-to-one setting, either as a home visit or at St Peter & St Paul Church in Teddington. For more information, take a look at the Little Steps Baby Massage website, or you can keep up to date with news and upcoming workshops and courses via their Facebook or Instagram page. You can also contact Tamás by calling 07725912373 or by emailing


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