Little Floribundas LogoLittle Floribundas offers baby massage and baby yoga classes in St Margarets. It was set up in 2012 by Jenny, who has over 14 years’ experience working with babies, children and young people. She has a strong belief in the benefits of massage and touch, and used massage with both of her children. Jenny is a qualified baby massage instructor, baby yoga instructor and play therapist. She trained with Blossom & Berry who are incredibly passionate about what they do and teach about the use of touch, communication and love through baby massage and baby yoga.

Little Floribundas provides you with the opportunity to learn simple, yet effective, massage strokes, yoga moves and stretches for your baby in a calm and relaxed environment. Jenny offers a variety of classes for babies aged from six weeks to approximately one year.

Baby massage – for babies aged 6 weeks to crawling

Little FloribundasBaby massage can help relieve the discomfort of wind, colic, teething and other digestive difficulties. It also promotes well-being, enhances baby’s development and encourages bonding. Baby massage classes are a wonderful way to connect with your baby using easy to follow strokes in a relaxed environment. Classes take place in St Margarets on Wednesday mornings and afternoons.

Baby yoga – for babies aged 3 months to one year or walking

Little FloribundasBaby yoga is a natural progression from massage (although it is not necessary to have completed the massage course to do the yoga course). Your little one will love the combination of dry massage, dips, swings, holds and stretches as these are combined with singing and nursery rhymes. Parents and carers also enjoy the gentle stretches and time spent bonding with their child in a fun and relaxed setting. Classes take place at Gymboree in St Margarets on Tuesday mornings.

For more information, take a look at Little Floribundas’ website, or you can contact Jenny by calling 07968 831964 or by emailing

What clients have said about Little Floribundas classes:

“Baby massage was fantastic. Very thorough and detailed assistance. Classes were relaxed and friendly”; “I enjoyed the laid back and stress-free atmosphere, good pace, lovely manner of instruction”; “The gentle atmosphere and talking was really enjoyable. The massage explanations were excellent…”


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