Katie's Classroom

Katie, teacher and mum of three, has recently launched Katie’s Classroom – online video tutorials for primary school children and their parents. Katie’s Classroom is the UK’s answer to affordable tutoring, and can help you get your child into their next school for just £10.00 per month.

Katie's ClassroomKatie’s Classroom delivers online video tutorials for primary school children and their parents in the comfort of their own home. Katie launched with Year 4 Mathematics and has filmed over 180 video tutorials covering all the learning objectives in the National Curriculum and 8+ exam syllabus.

Katie's ClassroomKatie is dedicated to supporting parents and shows you how to do it and how to approach the problem if your child doesn’t get it. The great thing about Katie’s Classroom is that Katie shows you how and talks you through subject areas and topics. It’s all about learning through seeing and doing, not just playing or practising like other educational video sites.

Katie's ClassroomDuring her career as a teacher, Katie discovered she wanted to help parents understand how their children were being taught in the classroom, and to provide them with a service that would explain lesson terminology and methodology. No more stress at the kitchen table or “Mummy you’re doing it the wrong way!”. Katie is an experienced teacher and has tutored successfully for ten years, supporting children through entrance examinations.

Katie's ClassroomKatie’s Classroom is really easy to use. Your child logs in to watch a series of tutorials lasting 3-4 minutes each, complete a worksheet, and watch a lesson summary, which goes through further examples. The tutorials are perfect for revising a tricky concept, building confidence or preparing for an important exam. Each child can choose a personal avatar, has an individual profile page and is able to see how many tutorials they have watched and how many worksheets they have completed. Each video tutorial page has a Parent Tab, which shows extended tutorial information and gives parents access to the answers.

For just £10.00 a month you are entitled to watch all video tutorials in all subjects when available, a full complement of worksheets and answers, and whiteboard style lesson summary tutorials.

For more information or for a FREE trial take a look at the Katie’s Classroom website. Alternatively, you can contact Katie by calling 07930 418190 or emailing katie@katiesclassroom.com. You can also get a better flavour of how it works by watching the video below.


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