Hypnobirthing Mumma

Hypnobirthing MummaHypnobirthing Mumma was founded in 2017 by Ali, who provides hypnobirthing classes to expectant parents around Twickenham and South West London. Having trained through leading hypnobirthing teacher Katherine Graves, her knowledge and understanding of hypnobirthing is vast and her hypnobirthing courses are in fact full antenatal courses.

Hypnobirthing MummaAs a mum of one, and having used hypnobirthing techniques during pregnancy and labour, Ali is a real advocate of hypnobirthing and recalls her son’s birth as an amazing experience. She was so inspired by hypnobirthing that she left behind a career in marketing to help other expectant mums and parents. Ali continues to grow her maternity repertoire and has recently trained to teach pre and postnatal yoga and baby yoga.

How does hypnobirthing work?

Hypnobirthing releases any fears and anxieties expectant mums may have about labour, using tools such as visualisation, relaxation and breathing techniques. Hypnobirthing encourages a more relaxed and comfortable birth by stripping things back to basics. It educates mothers on what their bodies are capable of and how to work with their body to remain calm. Hypnobirthing empowers expectant mums to understand what is best for them and their baby, so they can ask their caregivers the right questions leading up to and during labour.

Can only first time mums use hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing isn’t only for first time parents. Ali works with mothers who have previously had a traumatic labour, one they weren’t happy with, or an emergency caesarean. Many of these parents experience a completely different labour using hypnobirthing techniques.

Ali also offers refresher classes to parents who have hypnobirthed before. Many women develop a new-found fear even when their previous birth(s) have been successful, so Ali works to overcome any anxiety around this.

Can dad or birthing partners be involved?

Ali works with fathers or birthing partners throughout the course to ensure they have a role – helping mum with her techniques during pregnancy, providing anchors during labour to help mum hypnobirth with limited interference, and being her voice should she need it. Many hypnobirthing mums display different signs to a mum birthing without these techniques, and want to stay in their hypnobirthing bubble or zone.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits from hypnobirthing, including shorter labour, quicker recovery for mum, calmer babies, and babies that sleep better due to the relaxed birth.

For more information about her full range of hypnobirthing courses take look at Ali’s website or via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can contact Ali by emailing ali@hypnobirthingmumma.co.uk. You can also get 10% off all courses with Twick Mums! Just mention Twick Mums when booking. 


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