Half Backs Rugby

Half Backs Kids Rugby Classes logoHalf Backs now offers kids rugby classes for children aged 2-6 years old in three locations – Marble Hill Park, Twickenham Green (in partnership with Thamesians RFC) and Teddington RFC (in partnership with Teddington RFC and Lions Sports Academy). Half Backs believes that is is essential for children in their early years to be physically active in a safe, fun and outdoor environment, so that they can grow into healthy, happy children. Half Backs RugbyThey have developed fun sessions made up of lots of games that develop key skills such as running, evasion, decision making, listening and responding to commands, balance, kicking, passing and coordination. Working in teams and as an individual allows children to develop their personal skills as well as physical ones.

Half Backs RugbyHalf Backs classes are equally suitable for girls and boys, and sessions take place on weekend mornings with specialist experienced coaches in a relaxed and family-friendly environment. There are two age groups (see below) which are run at the same time, so if you have children of different ages they can take part at the same time. Parents are also encouraged to get involved as much as possible, and to have fun together with their children.

  • – Cubs (2-3.5yrs): The younger age group concentrates on motor skills and understanding instruction.
  • – Tigers (3.5-6yrs): The older age group focuses on continued motor skills improvement, more complicated instruction, and fun rugby-focused games.

Half Backs RugbyHalf Backs offers a free trial, which is the perfect opportunity for children and parents to meet the coaches and ask any questions. After the trial, children can be signed up online, where there are a variety of payment packages to choose from. These packages work out at £8.00-£10.00 per session, depending on how many sessions you sign up for, and there is a pay-as-you-go option for £10.00 per session. A sibling discount is also available. You can also get 10% off all online purchases with Twick Mums! Just enter the code TWICKMUMS at the checkout.

Half Backs RugbySessions run weekly from 10.00am on Saturday mornings opposite the Coach House Cafe in the heritage grounds of Marble Hill Park, TW1. On Sunday mornings at 10.00am they take place at Teddington TFC, TW11, and on Twickenham Green, TW2. Sessions last up to an hour with a short break for a drink and a snack in the middle.

For more information, take a look at the Half Backs website, or you can contact Nicole on 07496 079498 or by emailing info@halfbacks.co.uk. You can also see some clips of their sessions on their You Tube page.


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