Clarence House Jack & Jill School

Clarence House is a new independent school for girls aged 7-11yrs in the heart of Hampton Hill. It is the preparatory school of Jack & Jill Nursery and Pre-Preparatory School. Their first Year 3 class opened in September 2016 at Jack & Jill’s Hampton site, but from September 2017 Clarence House will be based at its own site on Hampton Hill High Street, in a lovely Georgian building which is undergoing complete refurbishment.

Clarence House Jack & Jill SchoolSince 1951, Jack & Jill Nursery and Pre-Preparatory School has provided girls with an outstanding education, grounded in their founder Molly Papirnik’s belief that school should represent a ‘home from home’. Their new preparatory school, Clarence House, offers everything you’d expect of a selective girls’ independent school: high standards of behaviour and achievement, outstanding pastoral care, and specialist teaching for sport, coding, music and art. They are also built to meet the needs of modern working families, offering a full mini-bus service, breakfast club, after-school sport, societies and homework club, and year-round holiday clubs.Clarence House has spent a great deal of time thinking about what girls need to thrive, so the school is different in some important ways:

  • – Clarence House is a small school, meaning they can provide girls with individual support and mentoring.
  • – Clarence House is a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) specialist school, with a dedicated science laboratory, a ‘maker space’ for building models, robots and prototypes, and state-of-the-art technology in every classroom.
  • – It also has a special focus on developing grit – perseverance and a passion for learning – that influences everything they do.

IMG_4233 squareWhether a child is trying to learn the violin, how to code or how to write a brilliant short story, the teachers at Clarence House know that they need a motivating goal, the willingness to respond to constructive criticism, and the determination to work through focused drills until ‘getting it right’ becomes automatic. At Clarence House they describe this approach to learning in a single word: grit.

            “Grit is perseverance and passion for long-term goals” Angela Duckworth, author and professor at the University of Pennsylvania

The message that grit is the key to success is everywhere at Clarence House: in every assembly they celebrate pupils who have resisted the temptation to give up; in every lesson their focus is on thinking hard about every subject; and every week their girls update their learning blog, reflecting on their success, which they then share with parents during Parents’ Evening Grit Presentations.

For more information, you can take a look at Clarence House’s website, or to learn more about entry into Year 3 or Year 4, please contact their registrar, Sam Mellins, on 020 8898 7310 or by emailing


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