Buggyfit logoBuggyfit is a fantastic well-established outdoor workout programme for new mums who want to get back into shape after giving birth. It’s a really fun way to meet other mums whilst getting a great workout! We have a few classes in the area to choose from, with Marina running two classes a week in Marble Hill Park, and Sylvia running three classes a week in Bushy Park.

BuggyfitThe classes are suitable for all mums following their six week postnatal check, whatever their level of fitness, and babies are of course welcome too… in fact it’s not unusual for children up to the age of three to tag along. Having the little ones in tow can make things interesting, but Marina and Sylvia are well-used to a spot of improvisation to keep them happy so the mums are able to focus on their fitness.

BuggyfitHowever, there is never any pressure if your baby is unsettled. Some mums take a break to feed their babies, and Marina and Sylvia do everything they can to help if babies cry – rocking or pushing the buggy, or even carrying the baby around to be close to mum whilst she exercises. The classes last one hour, and take place whatever the weather. In the colder months, babies are tucked up in their buggies, but when it gets warmer they can enjoy sitting on rugs (if they are old enough) while the mums get their workout.

BuggyfitIn a typical session, the mums are given some tips on how to maintain correct posture, and then they loosen up with some static mobility exercises. Following the warm up everyone moves into a moderate walk, before progressing to a power walk, which is when the fat starts to burn! The class then moves onto an interval based session, which raises metabolism and includes exercises to strengthen and tone particular muscle groups. The focus is on core, pelvic floor and posture, which are the areas most damaged during pregnancy and childbirth. Games, challenges and competitions are often introduced into the sessions to add some fun, and there may be a heart-rate raising finisher at the end before a cool down and stretch.

Marina’s classes take place in Marble Hill Park at 9.30am on Wednesdays and Fridays. Sylvia’s classes take place in Bushy Park at 9.30am on Tuesdays, 1.30pm on Wednesdays and 10.00am on Thursdays. Classes cost £50.00 for six in Marble Hill, or £40.00 for five in Bushy Park. For more information, you can email Marina or call her on 07788 204503; or email Sylvia.


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