Bruce's Doggy Day CareBruce’s Doggy Day Care was founded in 2008 and provides day care for dogs in Twickenham, Teddington, Richmond and other areas in SW London and Surrey. They love dogs as much as their owners do, and offer a service that sets the standard for facilities and care, resulting in genuinely happy, healthy and balanced dogs. Dogs spend their days socialising with friends in acres of farmland, and can enjoy swimming pools, agility, heated buildings, numerous activities and a team of adoring staff with years of experience!

Bruce's Doggy Day CareBruce’s Doggy Day Care was the first of its kind in the area… an innovative, superior alternative to the typical London dog walking service that was available at the time. Over the years, although many imitators have followed, Bruce’s Doggy Day Care has led the field through its continual improvements and innovations.

Dogs are collected in the morning, given an action-packed day, and then dropped home happy and tired in the afternoon. The atmosphere is fun, safe and social, and is suitable for big and small, young and old. Dogs spend their days playing, swimming, exploring and resting with their friends. With 18 acres of private fields, Bruce’s Doggy Cay Care has huge play areas which are managed to ensure there are never too many dogs in one space. There are also heated buildings with dog beds and outdoor gazebos for shade, so the dogs can rest when tired from all that racing around.

Bruce's Doggy Day CareSince Bruce’s Doggy Day Care only accepts social dogs that have at least one fixed day per week, all dogs are familiar and friendly, and the staff knows each dog individually. With lots of staff, there is also plenty of individual love, care and attention. When clients go away, Bruce’s Doggy Day Care can offer full boarding, where dogs live with one of the team in their home as a pet, and attend day care during the week.

Bruce's Doggy Day CareOn site, there is also a grooming salon, meaning dogs can come home looking amazing and smelling great! Since the dogs love the centre, there isn’t the distress that might be associated with visiting a typical grooming salon. Bruce’s Doggy Day Care has also linked up with a few proven, experienced trainers, who can assist with one-to-one behaviour consultations or training classes.

Puppies are accepted from 11 weeks old or once they fully vaccinated, and the centre is the perfect environment for socialisation. Since staff supervise the dogs constantly, puppies are never at risk of getting hurt or being a victim of rough play.

Bruce's Doggy Day CareFor more information, take a look at Bruce’s Doggy Day Care’s website, or you can call them on 0345 835 7000 or email via their contact form. They have day care centres in Cobham and Ripley in Surrey, and they always welcome people who want to take a look around. You can also get 10% off your first invoice, just by mentioning Twick Mums!


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