Body Talks Natural Therapies

Body Talks Natural TherapiesBody Talks is the name Marzia has chosen for her complementary therapy practice as she believes the body has the ability to let us know when there is a problem. In a very general sense, if you are feeling uncomfortable physically or emotionally, your mind and body are communicating with you that something needs attention.

Body Talks Natural TherapiesOur stressful lives often make us discharge the symptoms and look for a ‘quick fix’ to give us temporary relief. People often put up with their pain and end up simply living with it, especially when they cannot find a solution or reason for it. Marzia practices Systematic Kinesiology, Access Consciousness, Emotional Freedom Technique, and through Kinesiology she offers support with nutrition and supplements. 

With her therapies, Marzia educates and empowers her clients to create long-lasting change towards a manageable and enjoyable lifestyle to help them become health conscious and live a more balanced life. Sometimes this means you need to make an effort to change something in your environment or in your diet, or remove an emotional baggage that might be preventing you from moving forward in life. Her emotional work is gentle and does not require you to relive past experiences. The sessions are empowering, relieving and energising. 

Body Talks Natural TherapiesWe know that becoming a mum can sometimes mean hormonal imbalances and digestive discomfort just to name a couple of changes. Marzia can help you restore the body’s delicate balance and achieve your natural state of physical and mental wellbeing. She uses specialised programmes to help support your hormonal balance and digestive system, for an optimal general body function and to boost the immune system. 

Body Talks Natural TherapiesFor more information or to book an initial free phone consultation to discuss your symptoms, you can visit the Body Talks website, or you can contact Marzia by emailing or calling 07949 034205. Appointments take place at Move Physio, 33-35 York Street, Twickenham TW1 3JZ.


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