Body Bootcamp

Body Boot Camp Forty2FitnessBody Bootcamp is a ladies-only bootcamp run by personal trainer Karen Pearce on Twickenham Green, and also since lockdown online. What started as a temporary stopgap for a couple of weeks in March 2020 has now evolved into a whole other class and community called Virtual Bootcamp. Both bootcamps are all about fun and fitness with friendly people, and designed to kick start your day in the fresh air or at home to make you feel great!

So now, wherever you are in the world you can join their merry gang to have fun, play games and enjoy team challenges with a very friendly bunch of ladies – chatting and laughing to break the ice from your first day, while you get fit without even realising it. High intensity bodyweight training will help you achieve your goals.

Due to Covid-19, Forty2Fitness has enhanced safety measures on Twickenham Green, and you now need to book in advance to ensure maximum numbers are not exceeded. New procedures are in place to ensure social distancing while exercising, and hand sanitiser and wipes are available. No sharing of equipment is allowed, so participants need to take their own band and skipping rope, and unfortunately there can’t be any loan mats or passing around of equipment..

Body Boot Camp Forty2FitnessThe Bootcamps aren’t just about the exercising though. Karen offers monthly fitness assessments as part of the Bootcamps, and also a focus on a different key nutrition fact every month. This all adds up to give you the ability to achieve fat loss and fitness goals with clear measures. Karen is an expert and experienced trainer – REPS Level 3 qualified, a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, and Pre & Post Natal qualified with a focus on core and pelvic floor.

Body Boot Camp Forty2FitnessBody Bootcamp meets whatever the weather by the cricket pavilion on Twickenham Green from 6.00-6.45am four days a week (Monday to Thursday). Virtual Bootcamp is from 7.15-8.00am Monday to Friday. The Bootcamps are suitable for all ladies from 18 years old, and you can get a FREE trial for a week to see the benefits. Membership is then £50.00/month for Twickenham Green and £40.00/month for Virtual Bootcamp, which entitles you to unlimited attendance. Also, if you are a Twickenham Green member, you get free access to the Virtual Bootcamp as well. No excuses to take a break if you’re on holiday!

Body Boot Camp Forty2FitnessFor more information, please take a look at the Forty2Fitness website or you can keep up to date via their Facebook page. Alternatively, please email Karen or call her on 07970 506895.


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  • “I couldn’t recommend Karen’s boot camp highly enough! I love it. I’ve been going for 3 years now and it really has made a difference, even after a month I noticed how much better it made me feel. Karen is fantastic and makes each session so much fun but a good challenge. All the ladies are great, we work hard but it’s a giggle too! Once you’ve done the early morning a few times it doesn’t actually feel that early and it’s great to know you’ve done your exercise and don’t need think about it for the rest of the day. Give it a go, you’ll never look back!” Jo, Twickenham

  • “I have been going for over 3 years now. Despite early mornings it’s great! With 4 options now even better! Karen makes hard exercise fun. Great group of ladies too!” Lucy, Twickenham

  • “Karen’s Bootcamp is great fun! It caters for all levels and abilities and the sessions are different every time. Through different types of exercises and games, Karen leads us through the 45 minute workout and it never feels like a slog. So much more enjoyable than going to the gym and the group is made up of really fun, diverse people.” Emma B, Twickenham

  • “Karen’s bootcamp is fantastic. Each session is completely different and caters for all levels and abilities. I’m not a morning person but I get upset now if I can’t go to a session. It is the best way to start the day.” Emma L, Twickenham

  • “I’ve been attending Karen’s bootcamp for the last year & it is an excellent way to start the day. I am sure you are thinking ‘uh, 6am, no way’ but don’t knock it until you try it. It really isn’t as bad as you think. Mind over matter! Karen always makes it interesting, the ladies who go are lovely and the best thing is we always laugh & support each other. Exercise is supposed to be fun and that’s exactly what it is.” Sarah, Twickenham

  • “I joined Body Bootcamp at the end of March 2016.  My main exercise is running, but I was very aware that although I was run fit, my body was far from being ‘fit to run’.  Previous marathons had taken their toll, and each one had left me physically pretty broken. When joining, I was just in the process of planning to increase my run mileage again, with the goal of an autumn marathon.  This time, I was determined that I would also work hard on my core strength. Joining Body Bootcamp couldn’t have made achieving my goals this year any easier.  Karen provides an extremely high quality core strengthening programme which is varied, effective but also so much fun. She is very attentive to everyone and ensures that each participant is doing each exercise for maximum benefit.  The camp is suitable for everyone, especially as all the other members are extremely welcoming and so supportive. The early start/finish means that I have been able to add this workout into my weekly routine without it compromising the rest of my day.  In the last six months I can honestly say that not once have I not had sufficient motivation to get out of bed to get to bootcamp. What about my autumn marathon?  Well, I chose one of the hardest possible – Beachy Head in October. As with previous marathons, I did the necessary run training, but the difference was the bootcamp. I got round an extremely tough course feeling strong all the way, even at the finish. I was not in the least bit broken and was ready to get back to exercise within just a few days!” Tamsin, Twickenham