Aspen Financial ServicesAspen Financial Services, based in Hampton Wick, offers straightforward financial planning advice today, tomorrow and for your future. Their key skills cover a whole host of financial disciplines, and it is never a bad time to consider a financial review! In this guest article, Michael Bower says in his own words a bit more about his background and approach to saving and investing for the future. If you’d like to discuss anything further, then just give him a call on 020 8943 8121 or email

“When my daughter was young, she asked me if monsters exist. I did my level best to offer assurance, which I thought she accepted. But just as I was just about to collect my ‘Parent Win’ badge, she asked why, if they don’t exist, do we have a chain on the door at night!

Experience has taught me that my clients worry about some of the big things like the stock markets, unscrupulous advisers, high commissions, etc, but most of the time, it’s things that are not always obvious that stop us taking advice.

Aspen in a nutshell:

The advice we provide is regulated and licensed ultimately by The Treasury and Bank of England. Our practices and advice structures are independently audited three times a year.

My personal experience includes eight years in two of the UK’s largest banks, five years in a city-based wealth manager, and 15 years as an Independent Financial Adviser. My experiences have gathered the knowledge to create our investment analysis, systems, controls, and advised strategies to help our clients manage their family’s money and savings.

What can you expect?:

No pressure: We never charge for our initial meetings, as this removes any pressure to consider our services.  This gives us both the chance to ask questions, discuss what could be available and exactly how it all works.

Being clear about your expectations: We use various methods to help us both understand exactly what would give you sleepless nights – so we can avoid them. There are solid companies who can provide certain levels of guarantee.

Keeping you in the picture: We provide guidance so you feel more in tune with your finances now and in the future. Our app-based Client Portal gives you 24/7 access to all your savings and investment policies, useful guides and reviews, and secure email contact with our admin support or adviser.

Things we would like to talk about:

Saving for your children’s future needs – Junior ISA’s – Child Trust Funds

Saving for your future needs – Pensions – ISA’s (Cash versus Investment)

Protecting your family – Life assurance – Family Income assurance – Private Medical

We have offices in Hampton Wick, with free parking and a decent cup of tea!

For more information, please call 020 8943 8121 or email You can find us online at and as @aspenifa on Twitter.”


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