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Claire Lisboa Twickenham Osteopathy ClinicClaire is an osteopath and the owner of Twickenham Osteopathy Clinic. She treats all kinds of muscle and joint pain all over the body from headaches to sciatic pain. Much of the treatment involves very gentle hands-on treatment – in her own words, she’s “not particularly the big clicking, cracking type!”. Osteopathic manual treatment works on muscles and joints throughout the body to enhance movement and blood flow, reducing pain and swelling. Our bodies naturally tend towards healing, and with just a little encouragement from Claire the body will do the rest itself!

As well as treating recent pain and injury, Claire has a keen interest in treating long term persistent pain. This passion was born when she discovered the term ‘stress illness’ and the pioneering work of Dr John Sarno, who developed the approach of treating people’s physical pain by addressing emotional problems such as stress, anger and fear. He has practiced in this way for about 40 years with incredible results. Claire has now been trained and mentored by the founder of the UK’s Stress Illness Recovery Practitioners Association (SIRPA), and her approach to treating patients is really quite different and hugely effective.

Here’s how it works…

When we suffer an injury such as an ankle sprain we would expect that to improve within a few weeks. Broken bones heal in eight weeks, so how is it that someone can continue to suffer with back pain for several years? When pain continues for many weeks and months, looking at the bit that hurts for answers becomes unhelpful. This is why the conventional approach of painkillers does not help beyond the short term.

Pain is a complex phenomenon because it is related to the whole person, and many aspects of life contribute to why people feel pain. To get well, a person must first understand the role of their brain and nerves in generating the pain experience – the pain is certainly real but the problem becomes more nerve hypersensitivity than tissue injury. This pain education is a critical part of Claire’s role, and how she puts her patients in control and on the road to becoming pain-free.

Twickenham Osteopathy Clinic logoClaire offers free 20 minute telephone consultations, so it’s well worth getting in touch to discuss how this approach may be suitable for you. You can call 020 8090 2445 or email Twickenham Osteopathy Clinic can be found at 45 Fifth Cross Road, Twickenham TW2 5LJ. You can also get up to 15% off your initial face-to-face consultation with Twick Mums!


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  • “I had back problems for 6 months and thought it was due to all my running… Claire introduced me to a different way of treating backs and I am a convert!… I would urge anyone with continuing injuries, whatever they are in the body, to see what Claire has to say.” Caitlin, St Margaret’s

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