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Selecting a primary school for the first time can be very confusing and stressful. After all, this is the school that is going to lay the foundation for the whole of your child’s education, and you want to get it right.

There are many types of schools to choose from in both the state and private systems. Different schools cater for different age ranges; some have a nursery attached; some are faith schools, and the list goes on. We’ve tried to simplify things slightly for you, by summarising the options available in the Twickenham, Teddington and Hampton areas (TW1, TW2, TW11 and TW12), giving you quick access to all the schools’ websites and contact details. More information on the state school admission process, including key dates, can be found on Richmond Council’s website.

‘Primary school’ generally means a school catering for children aged 4 to 11 years old. However, some schools see children through all those years, some just from 4 to 7 years old (infant and pre-prep schools), and some from 7 to 11 years old (junior and prep schools). Added to this, some schools have nursery units attached so take children from 3 years old, and in the boys independent system most prep schools go on to 13 years old. For schools for older children, watch out for our secondary schools directory, which will be coming soon.


TW1 Postcodes


Newland House School (ages 4-13)

Independent school. Newland House School provides a happy, friendly environment that enables children to thrive. Waldegrave Park, Twickenham, TW1 4TQ; 020 8865 1305;


Orleans Primary School (ages 3-11)

State school. Orleans provides a warm, stimulating, welcoming environment which gives a secure foundation for all children to become happy, confident, caring individuals who achieve personal success and develop a lifelong love of learning. Hartington Road, Twickenham, TW1 3EN; 020 8892 1654;


Radnor House (ages 7-18)

Independent school. A fun and active learning environment for limitless young minds, where children are stimulated by fast paced and exciting lessons delivered by passionate and inspirational teaching staff. Pope’s Villa, Cross Deep, Twickenham, TW1 4QG; 020 8891 6264;


St Catherine’s School (ages 3-18 girls; 3-7 boys)

Independent faith school. St Catherine’s combines nearly 100 years experience of independent education with a modern curriculum that prepares students for success in the 21st Century. Cross Deep, Twickenham, TW1 4QJ; 020 3261 0139;


St Mary’s CE Primary School (ages 4-11)

State faith school. St Mary’s School exists to develop knowledge with understanding and wisdom, and strives to maintain a high standard of education, developing the full potential of everyone within a caring and supportive ethos. Infant: Amyand Park Road, Twickenham, TW1 3HE (correspondence should be sent to this address); 020 8892 5840. Junior: Richmond Road, Twickenham, TW1 3BA; 020 8892 7849.


St Richard Reynolds Catholic Primary School (ages 4-18)

State faith school. Catholic teaching and practice permeate every aspect of the school’s activity, and the school provides an education that aims at excellence in academic achievement and in which personal and spiritual development are of paramount importance. Clifden Road, Twickenham, TW1 4LT; 020 8325 4630;


St Stephen’s CE Primary School (ages 4-11)

State faith school. St. Stephen’s School believes that every child should have the opportunity to reach their full potential within a happy, stimulating and secure environment, where care and respect for each other, their school family and the wider community are paramount. Winchester Road, Twickenham, TW1 1LF; 020 8892 3462;


TW2 Postcodes


Archdeacon Cambridge’s CE Primary School (ages 3-11)

State faith school. Archdeacon Cambridge’s school offers challenge, inspiration, success and a love of learning in a happy, Christian environment. The Green, Twickenham, TW2 5TU; 020 8894 4777;


Bishop Perrin CE Primary School (ages 4-11)

State faith school. A friendly, one form entry school with good relationships, a strong sense of belonging and Christian values at the heart of its ethos. A rich and varied curriculum and high expectations of children ensure that everyone is able to be the best they can. Hospital Bridge Road, Twickenham, TW2 6LF; 020 8894 1447;


Chase Bridge Primary School (ages 4-11)

State school. Chase Bridge wants their pupils to reach the highest standards, be healthy, happy, develop a love of learning and the skills of independence to make informed choices that prepare them to be successful members in society. Kneller Road, Twickenham, TW2 7DE; 020 8892 1242;


GEMS Twickenham Primary Academy (ages 4-11*)

Academy. At GEMS Twickenham Primary Academy, children are surrounded by learning opportunities – inside and outside the classroom. The experienced and well qualified educators are from some of the best schools in London and around the world. Colne Road, Twickenham, TW2 6QF; 020 3019 6196;

* GEMS is a new school with a new intake of Reception pupils each year. As such, the lower school years will be filled first, with the school growing each year.


Heathfield Nursery and Infant School (ages 3-7)

State school. Heathfield Nursery and Infant School strives to challenge and enrich every child’s learning experience, and give pupils the confidence to face the challenges of the future in a respectful, creative, self-motivated, spiritual and positive way. Cobbett Road, Twickenham, TW2 6EN; 020 8894 4074;


Heathfield Junior School (ages 7-11)

State school. Heathfield’s goal is to provide a safe and secure environment, and good teaching which takes account of each child’s needs and learning, resulting in children reaching their academic and creative best. Cobbett Road, Twickenham, TW2 6EN; 020 8894 3525;


Jack & Jill School Nursery & Reception (see TW12 section for Yrs 1&2) (ages 2-5)

Independent school. Jack & Jill School offers quality education and care during children’s precious formative years, to ensure a happy and memorable experience and an enduring, unparalleled foundation for life. 20 First Cross Road, Twickenham, TW2 5QA; 020 8898 7310;


The Mall School (ages 4-13 boys only)

Independent school. The Mall School aims to develop well-rounded individuals – boys who are confident, well-mannered and proud of what they have achieved without being arrogant. 185 Hampton Road, Twickenham, TW2 5NQ; 020 8614 1082;


Nelson Primary School (ages 4-11)

State school. Nelson Road, Whitton, TW2 7BU; 020 8894 9899;


St Edmund’s RC Primary School (ages 3-11)

State faith school. St Edmund’s exists to provide an education that is God-centred and encourages children to develop their spiritual and academic potential and individual talents. “Together we learn and grow through worship and celebration.” Nelson Road, Whitton, TW2 7BB; 020 8894 7898;


St James’s Catholic Primary School (ages 3-11)

State faith school. St James’s has an established reputation for providing an outstanding education based on the values of living life through Christ. Children have a vast array of excellent opportunities not only academically but in art, drama, music and sport. Stanley Road, Twickenham, TW2 5NP; 020 8898 4670;


Trafalgar Infant School (ages 4-7)

State school. Trafalgar Infant School offers a rich, varied and exciting curriculum covering academic, creative, personal, social and health education. A balance of adult led and child initiated activities is at the core of their approach to learning and teaching. Reception: Meadway, Twickenham, TW2 6PY; Years 1 and 2: Gothic Road, Twickenham, TW2 5EH; 020 8894 5729;


Trafalgar Junior School (ages 7-11)

State school. A caring, vibrant and fun community which promotes a life-long love of learning and which celebrates and values achievement for all. Elmsleigh Road, Twickenham, TW2 5EG (visitors use Gothic Road); 020 8894 1606;


TW11 Postcodes


Collis Primary School (ages 3-11)

State school. Collis Primary School aims is to value and inspire pupils, respecting and nurturing each child’s unique contribution and providing a rich, exciting education which will motivate children to learn. Fairfax Road, Teddington, TW11 9BS; 020 8977 1458;


Hampton Wick Infant School (ages 3-7)

State school. Hampton Wick Primary School aims to provide a supportive and caring community where children are able to develop skills, knowledge and understanding, and where all children are encouraged to achieve their potential. Normansfield Avenue, Teddington, TW11 9RP; 020 8977 3971;


Sacred Heart RC Primary School (ages 4-11)

State faith school. Sacred Heart RC Primary School offers a broad and creative curriculum that challenges and develops the individual child, highlighting talents and abilities, to provide the best possible start in life, developing children who are confident, caring, responsible and independent. St Mark’s Road, Teddington, TW11 9DD; 020 8977 6591;


St Mary’s and St Peter’s CE Primary School (ages 4-11)

State faith school. St Mary’s and St Peter’s CE Primary School aims to provide an excellent education which is Christian both in principle and practice and which is in accordance with the teaching and worship of the Church of England. Somerset Road, Teddington, TW11 8RX; 020 8943 0476;


Stanley Primary School (ages 3-11)

State school. Stanley Primary School sits at the heart of the local community and is founded on excellent academic, creative and sporting strengths, offering a wide range of activities. Stanley Road, Teddington, TW11 8UE; 020 8977 4858;


TW12 Postcodes


Athelstan House School (ages 3-7)

Independent school. Athelstan House creates a happy, caring and stimulating learning environment where every child feels secure and valued, and can develop to their full potential. 36 Percy Road, Hampton, TW12 2LA; 020 8979 1045;


Buckingham Primary School (ages 3-11)

State school. A caring and happy school which sets high standards; with pupils, staff and parents working together towards a common goal of success. Buckingham Road, Hampton, TW12 3LT; 020 8941 2548;


Carlisle Infant School (ages 4-7)

State school. Carlisle Infant School provides a warm and caring environment, and an exciting and challenging curriculum. Broad Lane, Hampton, TW12 3AJ; 020 8979 2770;


Denmead School (ages 3-7 girls; 3-11 boys)

Independent school. Denmead School offers your child an excellent preparatory education in a happy and supportive environment. 41-43 Wensleydale Road, Hampton, TW12 2LP; 020 8979 1844;


Hampton Hill Junior School (ages 7-11)

State school. Hampton Hill Junior School helps children achieve their very best, supporting and challenging them to learn new skills, interests and knowledge to enable them to grow and thrive. St James’s Avenue, Hampton Hill, TW12 1HW; 020 8979 3019;


Hampton Infant School (ages 3-7)

State school. Hampton Infant School aims to provide a safe and happy environment for top quality teaching and top quality learning for all. Ripley Road, Hampton, TW12 2JH; 020 8979 1815;


Hampton Junior School (ages 7-11)

State school. The simple statement “Be the best you can be” is at the heart of Hampton Junior School’s aspirations – underpinning the values, curriculum, teaching and expectations of all. Percy Road, Hampton, TW12 2LA; 020 8979 2545;


Jack & Jill School Years 1 & 2 (see TW2 section for Nursery & Reception) (ages 5-7)

Independent school. Jack & Jill School offers quality education and care during children’s precious formative years, to ensure a happy and memorable experience and an enduring, unparalleled foundation for life. 30 Nightingale Road, Hampton, TW12 3HX; 020 8979 3195;


The Lady Eleanor Holles School (ages 7-18 girls only)

Independent school. The Lady Eleanor Holles School places great emphasis on the development of well-rounded individuals, providing opportunities for wide-ranging achievement while striving for academic excellence. Hanworth Road, Hampton, TW12 3HF; 020 8979 1601;


St Mary’s Hampton CofE Primary School (ages 4-11)

State faith school. St Mary’s Hampton CofE Primary school offers children and their families a remarkable opportunity to join an inspirational new school which is establishing itself in the heart of its community. Oldfield Road, Hampton, TW12 2HP; 07528 773955;


Twickenham Preparatory School (ages 4-11 girls; 4-13 boys)

Independent school. Twickenham Preparatory School seeks to create a safe, caring and happy Christian environment in which all pupils are valued and can thrive personally, socially and academically. Beveree, 43 High Street, Hampton TW12 2SA; 020 8979 6216;


KT Postcodes


Hampton Court House (ages 3-18)

Independent school. Hampton Court House strives to equip children with the emotional literacy they will require to negotiate the vicissitudes of life and thus to find happiness and fulfilment. Hampton Court Road, East Moseley, KT8 9BS; 020 8614 0857;


St John the Baptist CE Junior School (ages 7-11)

State faith school. St John the Baptist CE Junior School provides an enjoyable, secure and positive Christian environment; one that stimulates enthusiasm, provides equal opportunities and challenges for all; one that makes a difference. Lower Teddington Road, Hampton Wick, KT1 4HQ; 020 8977 4114;



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