NCT Relax, Stretch & Breathe

In 2014, the NCT launched Relax, Stretch & Breathe classes in Whitton.  The classes are run by a local antenatal teacher as a drop-in, to help mothers get to know their babies antenatally with some simple yoga-based exercises.  The classes give you 90 minus a week to really indulge in your pregnancy and to meet other mums in the area going through the same experiences.
The sessions are aimed at women over 14 weeks pregnant, and to start off with, the mums-to-be share how they are feeling, talk about hopes and concerns, ask questions, and generally get to know each other.  The next hour is then taken up with exercises to relax, stretch and breathe.

NCT Relax, Stretch & BreatheThere are many benefits for mums and babies – some babies wake up in the womb and like to join in the stretches and yoga postures, rolling and stretching themselves in the womb; lots of babies are energised by the different breathing techniques that are tried throughout the session, benefiting from the calm atmosphere and all the oxygen they are getting.  Just as each mother adapts the movements and tailors the breathing and relaxations to suit her own needs, so too the babies join in in their own particular way.  It makes for a magical atmosphere and a wonderful connection between mum and baby.

Classes are held at St Philip & St James’ Church Hall, Hounslow Road, Whitton TW2 7DY between 7.30pm-9.00pm on Mondays – email Sarah at or call 07817 274478 to find out more or check availability.  For more information, see the NCT’s local and national websites.


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