Mamakind was launched by Sam Elswood to offer exercise classes and occasional events in the Twickenham area for mums (whether new or experienced) and mums-to-be. Exercises are tailored to suit clients’ abilities and fitness levels, including injuries and having recently given birth (GP sign-off is required for new mums).

MamakindAs someone who has always maintained a high level of fitness, Sam was completely unprepared for the havoc pregnancy and childbirth wreaks on your body. She found her return to fitness much more difficult than she had imagined, particularly on her mental state. Sam had struggled to exercise as much as she would have liked during pregnancy, but had nevertheless maintained her fitness by adjusting her activities. After her son was born by emergency caesarean section, Sam assumed she would be able to get on with the business of being fit again but, of course, it doesn’t work like that. She was quite lonely at times, often feeling frustrated, incapable, and at the mercy of this tiny human. Sam’s desire behind Mamakind is therefore to provide a variety of exercise situations that help mums feel confident and capable in exercise, so they might start to take on new and bigger challenges over time.

Mamakind provides a welcoming and supportive environment where clients can work towards their fitness goals in the company of like-minded local mums, improving body awareness, self-confidence and enjoying the support of a group. 

MamakindFirst on the list is a Mamas-only class on Saturdays. This is meant in the nicest possible way. Sam attended some lovely classes with her son in the months after he was born, but he was not a sleeper so she found she rarely got what she wanted from the sessions, which just added to her feelings of frustration. It is wonderful to take your little one to a class with you, but Sam thinks it’s also OK to take some time alone and focus entirely on yourself. By not inviting mums to bring their children to this class it makes it ok for them to focus on themselves for an hour.

MamakindBut that’s not the case with all Mamakind’s classes! Sam also runs a buggy run session, where buggies (and therefore babies) are optional. With a total running time of 30 minutes within one hour, this session uses a variety of elements including agility drills, intervals, speedwork and shuttles to ensure that both the slowest and fastest in the group get the same intensity workout, and that some sans-buggy running can be achieved in each session.

Now that Sam is back from maternity leave, there will also be more classes launching in 2019. Look out for Mama Yoga, Bumpy Ride pregnancy classes and Short Circuits.

Mamakind classes mainly take place in Twickenham, with some in surrounding areas such as Bushy Park. For more information please take a look at their website, or you can contact Sam by emailing


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