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Sara x

20th May 2016

There is a great local soft play group in Whitton called Jigsaw Kids Play, open Monday to Friday 10.00am to 3.30pm. More details at

Fiona, Twickenham

6th July 2015

Just wanted to recommend The Cake Box in Hampton. They made a beautiful cake for our school summer fete at very short notice. They also do kids parties, classes and lots more:

Lesley, Twickenham

7th April 2015

We are so lucky to have the Rose Theatre so near to us. It is an amazing venue and the people who work there go out of their way to help and make our experience enjoyable.

Alis, Teddington

3rd March 2015

Max and Charlotte love the [World Of Children] crèche at Bentalls: they think of it as a treat when I pop them in there!

Julie, Twickenham

3rd March 2015

We’ve been going along to the Wednesday [Twickenham] Twins Club playgroup since the twins were two! They absolutely love it and run around like crazy from the minute we get there – its great for me too as I get to have an uninterrupted cup of tea for once in the week!

Julie, Twickenham

9th November 2014

I love Buttons day nusery in Hampton.  My daughter has been going there just over a year now (started before she was 2yrs), the timings they offer allowed me to go back to work part time & my little one loves it, the staff are knowledgeable & keep you well informed of your childs progress. They do the government voucher scheme too.

Dawn, Hampton

16th October 2014

Riverside Playgroup [in York House Gardens] is a wonderful, happy place.

Jem, Twickenham

18th September 2014

Recently the local schools round up you did has been a great help to me to! (I’ve got to start applying for my twins to go to school next year!). It was great to have state and private schools on the same list, based on location. Really useful!

Julie, Twickenham

28th August 2014

[Singing Hands is] one of the BEST classes we have been to!

Jo, Twickenham

9th August 2014

I love Tempo Tots (and my daughter does too!). I love the fact that they do a special class for the littlies 3-18months, so the music lessons are pitched just for them and you don’t get the older kids tearing around. Considering the classes are full of babies, each session feels calm and the children transfixed. Charlotte has a fantastic way with the children and plays many instruments herself – another thing that sets this class above the other music sessions. I also rate that although you have to pay for a block of lessons, you can use them whenever. This class really was the highlight of my week, particularly when my daughter was really young.

Lucy, Twickenham