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Kate Smart FitnessKate Smart Fitness offers women’s wellness, health and fitness coaching, through a number of specialised courses and personal training. Kate of Kate Smart Fitness is dedicated 100% to women’s wellness and fitness, and brings to her classes and sessions a true understanding of post-pregnancy bodies and how the core works from the inside out, throughout the early postnatal years and through to the years when children are older.

Holistic Core Restore®

This course is the gold standard of pelvic floor and core exercise. Covering nutrition and self-care as well as exercise, this six week progressive and holistic course puts you back in control and back in your body with the very centre feeling stronger, more functional and working for you.

Kate Smart FitnessSuitable at any time from six weeks postnatal, this course is fantastic for women of all ages who may be experiencing the symptoms of a weak pelvic floor (leaking when coughing, laughing, sneezing, exercising), mild prolapse, weak tummy muscles, diastasis recti (separated tummy muscles) or nagging aches in the back. Even without any of these symptoms, it’s also great for any woman wanting to return to or increase the intensity of her exercise who worries that her core isn’t strong enough. It’s a wonderful course to re-connect you with your wonderful body, gift yourself some precious time and put yourself at the top of your list!

Mums who have completed this course can then continue through to Kate’s super-popular HCR ‘Heat’ class – high intensity but pelvic floor friendly exercise.

Courses run in Teddington and Hampton Wick.

Kate also offers 1:1 packages for Diastasis Recti healing, to bring love back for the post baby tummy, and can teach the Holistic Core Restore®  course on a 1:1 basis, diary permitting.

Additionally, Kate offers online group programmes throughout the year. The 21 Day Post Baby Tummy Programme provides three weeks of online exercise videos, nutritional guidance, daily emails and group support and is a great addition to her live classes and courses.

You will also see Kate in Bushy Park teaching Buggyfit on Tuesday and Thursday mornings – a fabulous way to exercise in the fresh air with no need for childcare, in the knowledge that you are working with someone who REALLY knows the postnatal body.

You can get 10% off your first course of Holistic Core Restore® (usually £147.00) or Buggyfit (usually £40.00) – just mention Twick Mums when booking. If you’re a Twick Mums member then you can get an even better £25.00 off Holistic Core Restore®, or £8.00 off Buggyfit.

Kate Smart Fitness logoFor more information, take a look at the Kate Smart Fitness website, or you can contact Kate on 07966 251852 or by emailing kate@katesmartfitness.com.


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