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Green Banana Mandy HurworthGreen Banana was recently launched by Mandy Hurworth, who is a registered nutritionist and qualified massage therapist. Mandy lives in Twickenham and wanted to combine these two passions by starting her own mobile nutrition and massage therapy business, travelling to clients for consultations and treatments.

Mandy is very active and enjoys sport; playing hockey, tennis and golf. She also skis and recently took part in her first long-distance swim. Through her sporting activities and interest in nutrition she has developed an excellent knowledge of how the body works and how to relieve tired and injured muscles. She also understands how to fuel the body for training and events, and how to manage injury recovery. Her business idea came to her when she asked herself what she would find beneficial and helpful for her own busy lifestyle. The answer was having someone she could trust come to her home to treat and advise… simple, relaxing and convenient.

  • Nutrition Consultations: Mandy is a registered nutritionist and has a PGCert in Applied Sports Nutrition as well as a degree in Nutrition & Food Science. Her nutrition consultations involve taking a full lifestyle, medical and dietary history; a food diary analysis; and then giving advice to meet your goals. Whether those goals are for your lifestyle and health, for sporting events e.g. triathlon, marathon, for weight loss/maintenance, or for something else, she can advise and devise strategies for you.
  • Green Banana Mandy HurworthMassage Therapy: Having qualified as a L4 ITEC Sports Massage therapist, Mandy is able to give full body or specific remedial and therapeutic massage. She can carry out postural and range of movement analysis to help improve posture, flexibility, strength and help your body cope with a modern lifestyle. Massage doesn’t have to hurt to help! Mandy’s aim is to make you feel better, so during your massage the muscles will be warmed up thoroughly and this may be all you want. ‘No pain no gain’ is not Mandy’s modus operandi – she can increase pressure appropriately to release tension but has other techniques such as soft tissue release, trigger point and resisted stretches that she can also use. These help soothe muscular aches and pains and improve joint mobility.

Green Banana offers a professional, friendly, trustworthy, bespoke service at your fingertips. For more information or to book an appointment, you can contact Mandy on 07747 722171 or by emailing Nutrition consultations cost £90 for one hour, and massage treatments cost £60 for one hour. There is also a loyalty card scheme available. You can also get a special introductory offer with Twick Mums, with £15 off your first nutrition consultation and £10 off your first massage.


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