Dr Shilpa Dave's Private GP Clinic

Dr Shilpa Dave's Private GP ClinicDr Shilpa Dave offers a convenient and modern private GP service in the heart of Teddington, which has holistic care as its ethos. Tailored to your needs, Dr Dave will take a careful history and perform a thorough examination to identify problems and suggest personalised tests (if necessary) to optimise your health, correct and treat common medical conditions, and plan solutions to help you achieve your long term health goals. As a mother of three, Dr Dave understands the struggles of everyday life, and she hopes this means she is grounded, empathetic and able to use her personal experience to give tangible meaning to the practice.

Dr Shilpa Dave's Private GP ClinicDr Shilpa Dave’s approach centres around ‘Functional Medicine’, which focuses on the root cause of disease and not the symptoms. This optimises health by identifying triggers, addressing gut health and – with the advent of rapid genetic and molecular profiling tests – diving deep into patients fundamental body processes. Having discovered this approach relatively recently after spending over 20 years in medicine, Dr Dave believes it to encapsulate everything she wants to give to her patients – it seems so logical to understand the root causes. All of this alongside a mainstream conventional family General Practice where, if you have a painful ear infection, you can be seen quickly and get the antibiotics you need there and then.

The other thing that differentiates Dr Shilpa Dave from most GPs is the way she integrates other expertise into her treatment plans. Doctors spend their lives telling patients to lose weight, exercise more, and reduce stress, but Dr Dave wants to offer patients more – more support, more realistic, practical, tangible, interesting, and achievable goals. She therefore works with a selection of complimentary practitioners who are engaging and inspirational. For example gynaecologists who understand the menopause and look at the roles of nutrition, exercise, acupuncture, and non-hormonal approaches first before reaching for HRT; and physiotherapists who address issues with gait and posture as well as massaging the sore areas. 

Dr Shilpa Dave's Private GP ClinicDr Shilpa Dave’s Clinic can be found at Kirby Chemist, Dental and Medical Centre, 53 High Street, Teddington TW11 8HD, and there is dedicated reception and waiting area where you can book in and relax before your appointment. You can contact the Clinic on 020 3303 0326 or by emailing privategpdoctor@gmail.com. There’s no charge to register, and appointment charges vary depending on length, starting at £45.00.


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