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It seems that there is more fantastic children’s theatre around than ever before, so we thought it would be useful to have everything in one handy place. We’re covering further afield than usual, as we know that many of you visit the theatre as a special treat and are willing to travel that little bit further. Having said that, the children’s productions are often such good value that it would be a shame to save them for a special occasion!

If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of the big shows that are on for families across London, including the West End, then there is a great list on the London Theatre site.

Latest update 7th December 2017.


Polka Theatre, Wimbledon – My Brother, My Sister And Me

Wednesday 18th October 2017 to Sunday 11th February 2018

My Brother My Sister and MeWith a new baby in the family, a little sister has to move in with her big brother. She’s got used to the idea but her brother and Gecko, his constant companion, are really not keen. Especially when she starts to unpack her very large collection of hats! But they both soon realise that sharing isn’t all bad as their fights and frustrations turn into games and giggles, and their room becomes a place of magic and mayhem, especially after lights out when they can tuck into midnight feasts and howl like snow wolves! Running time 40 minutes. Recommended 2-5yrs.

Polka Theatre, Wimbledon – The Snow Queen

Friday 17th November 2017 to Sunday 4th February 2018

Snow QueenKai and Gerda are best friends. Not brother and sister but as close as if they were. Together, with their friends, they reimagine the thrilling adventure of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic winter fairy-tale. Let your imagination soar as a dusty attic is transformed into the Snow Queen’s icy palace, and follow their epic journey of self-discovery, as they try to save Kai from the icy spell of the Snow  Queen’s cold kiss. Can Gerda melt his heart before he forgets her forever? Running time 1 hour 45 minutes (including interval). Recommended 5-11yrs.

Lyric, Hammersmith – Jack & The Beanstalk

Saturday 18th November 2017 to Saturday 6th January 2018

Jack-and-the-BeanstalkPlenty of magic beans, a huge loveable cow, an enormous beanstalk, a gigantic giant and a massive adventure. This year’s panto looks set to be the biggest ever. Join The Lyric as Jack and the Beanstalk gets the full Lyric treatment with some crazy characters, live music, dancing, singing and loads of laughs. Running time TBC. Recommended 6+yrs.

Lyric, Hammersmith – Raymond Briggs’ Father Christmas

Wednesday 22nd November to Sunday 24th December 2017

Lyric Hammersmith Raymond Briggs Father ChristmasBack for another brilliant year. Join Father Christmas as he gets ready for his busiest day of the year, Christmas Eve. Watch as he prepares his Christmas deliveries, feeds his reindeer and finally takes flight into the snowy night. Full of merry touches with plenty of live music, songs and playful puppetry. A perfect festive treat. Running time 60 minutes. Recommended under 6yrs.

Hounslow Arts Centre – Dick Whittington

Tuesday 5th to Saturday 30th December 2017

Dick WhittingtonJoin our hero Dick as he embarks on a journey to London in search of fame and fortune! Step aboard his adventure with that famous cat, and meet the notoriously silly Idle Jack, everyones favourite dame Sarah the Cook, the dastardly evil King Rat and of course the beautiful Alice Fitzwarren! This Rags to Riches professional pantomime with plenty of comedy songs, dancing and silliness is the perfect Christmas treat for all ages. Running time TBC. Recommended TBC.

Rose Theatre, Kingston – Alice In Winterland

Thursday 7th December 2017 to Sunday 7th January 2018

Alice In WinterlandAlice has always been brought up to believe in wonder but her life takes an unexpected turn when she is sent to live with her stern auntie… until she is visited by a White Rabbit and propelled on a quest to save Hinterland! Follow Alice to the magically curious world of Winterland, a world of ice and imagination, of mad hatters and cruel queens, strong-minded dodos and friendly knights. A world inhabited by the mysterious Bandersnatch and the terrible Jabberwock, a world that lies in the riffle of a pack of cards or in the lines across a chess board, where the impossible becomes possible… Running time 2 hours (including interval). Recommended under 5+yrs.

Rose Theatre, Kingston – The Three Little Christmas Pigs

Friday 8th to Saturday 9th December 2017

A brand new Christmassy adventure from the team who brought you The Forgotten Christmas Elf and Princess Island, The Three Little Christmas pigs tells the traditional tale of Piggy Straw, Piggy Sticks and Piggy Bricks. Join our three pigs as they embark on their adventures, building houses, running away from the big bad wolf and meeting a very special Christmassy friend.  After all, at Christmas time it’s not just Big Bad Wolves who come down the Chimney.  Full of singing, dancing, counting, phonics and madcap fun this interactive show will have little ones entranced, grown-ups in stitches and everyone feeling the magic of Christmas. Running time 60 minutes. Recommended TBC.

Hampton Hill Theatre – The Wind In The Willows

Saturday 9th to Saturday 16th December 2017

wind in the willowsWhen Toad’s latest craze lands him in prison the Weasels occupy Toad Hall and plan to turn it into a Leisure Centre… Will Toad escape to reclaim the ancestral home? Will Mole, Ratty and Badger forgive him and come to his aid? Will Albert the horse EVER cheer up?! This timeless English classic is given a festive, musical twist in Alan Bennett’s charming adaptation. A perfect Christmas treat! Poop Poop! Running time TBC. Recommended TBC.

Richmond Theatre – Aladdin

Saturday 9th December 2017 to Sunday 14th January 2018

Aladdin Richmond TheatreJump aboard a high-flying magical carpet headed for Old Peking and make tickets for this year’s spectacular Richmond Theatre pantomime Aladdin one of your three wishes. Follow Aladdin, his hapless brother, and of course his mother Widow Twankey (panto legend Christopher Biggins), on a spectacular adventure featuring a beautiful love story, flying carpets, a wish-granting genie, an evil sorcerer and a lamp packed full of spectacular family entertainment. Aladdin features all of the ingredients of the perfect pantomime; a fabulous cast and orchestra, laugh-out-loud comedy, stunning scenery and special effects, beautiful costumes and plenty of boos and hisses for all the family to enjoy. Running time TBC. Recommended TBC.

Watermans, Brentford – The Nutcracker & The Mouse King

Saturday 9th to Saturday 30th December 2017

Nutcracker & The Mouse KingOnce upon a time, on Christmas Eve… A young Prince is transformed into a wooden Nutcracker doll by the evil Mouse King’s curse. Can a brave little girl break the spell in time for them both to join the magnificent Christmas party in the magical Kingdom of Sweets This playful, pocket-sized production is a funny and modern adaptation of Hoffmann’s timeless tale. Combining storytelling, dance, and puppetry with original music, inspired by Tchaikovsky’s elegant ballet, The Nutcracker Suite, this seasonal classic is a must-see this Christmas time. The perfect Christmas treat the whole family can enjoy together! Running time 50 minutes. Recommended 3+yrs.

Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond – Kika’s Birthday

Wednesday 20th December 2017 to Saturday 6th January 2018

Kika's BirthdayKika, a little French mouse, is going to be 5 years old! Her family has planned a birthday surprise, with friends, songs and a grasshopper band. But who is that with his twitchy tail and shining eyes watching them closely? It’s the Bright Orange Cat. Will he join the party, make some new friends and share some birthday cake, or does he have something else in mind? A delightful interactive story, with puppetry, by award winning storyteller, Danyah Miller. Help this family of mice bake a special birthday cake for Kika and maybe you can even share a tiny piece of it with them all. Running time 45 minutes. Recommended 3+yrs.

OSO Arts Centre, Barnes – Cinderella

Wednesday 20th to Saturday 23rd December 2017

Cinderella OSOWill our beautiful Cinderella get her Prince? Will there be terrible corny jokes? Will there be cross dressing? YOU BET! This year’s Panto will be bigger, better, funnier and with even uglier ugly sisters and more custard pies than before! There will be all new stock for Cinderella’s Market Place for the children to spend their Cinder Bucks on! Light up jewellery, funky pens, potty putty, face painting, and much more – ALL INCLUDED IN THE CHILDREN’S TICKET! Running time 1 hour 15 minutes. Recommended 4+yrs.

Lyric, Hammersmith – The Snow Queen

Saturday 6th January 2018

Splinters from a magic mirror that distorts the appearance of everything that it reflects, get into Kai’s heart and eyes he becomes cruel and no longer cares about his best friend, Gerda. Kai is taken by the Snow Queen and a heartbroken Gerda sets out on a journey to save her friend, meeting many fantastic characters along the way. Will Gerda be able to save Kai? Running time 70 minutes. Recommended 4-11yrs.

Rose Theatre, Kingston – Charlotte’s Web

Friday 12th to Sunday 14th January 2018

Wilbur the pig may be the runt of the litter, but he’s blessed with a very clever friend – Charlotte the spider. Determined to save young Wilbur from the usual fate of the farmyard pigs, Charlotte decides to spin some wonderful webs. E.B White’s classic tale of love, life and friendship is brought to the stage by members of the Rose Young Company. Running time TBC. Recommended TBC.

Lyric, Hammersmith – Three Billy Goats Gruff & Other Furry Tales

Saturday 13th January 2018

What really happened between the wolf and his three porky friends? Why was Goldilocks wandering in the woods? How did the goats overcome a mighty troll? The perplexing questions of fairytales are explored and explained by the wonderful Theatre of Widdershins with the help of fun, laughter, some gorgeous puppets and a soundtrack that will stick in your head long after you’ve left the theatre. Running time 60 minutes. Recommended 3-9yrs.

Lyric, Hammersmith – Fairytales Gone Bad: Grannylocks / The Monstrous Duckling

Saturday 20th January 2018

Join performance poet Joseph Coelho, National Poetry Day Ambassador, as he unravels familiar fairytales to create fresh contemporary classics in an enchanting performance for young and old alike. A father returns home with a magical cloak. A cloak that hides a story… Did you know that the ugly duckling was never ugly? He was truly monstrous! Or that Goldilocks was never a tale about a little girl. It was always a tale about a granny – a mean, thieving granny who has plans for something quite nasty. Join our poetic storyteller as he unwinds the true stories behind the happily ever afters and discover they’re maybe not as charming as you remember! Running time 45 minutes. Recommended 3-7yrs.

Watermans, Brentford – Red Riding Hood & The Wolf

Sunday 21st January 2018

Time for bed. Tuck yourself in. This is where Robyn’s story begins. How can they expect her to sleep at a time like this? She takes a book and starts to read. But she can’t relate to Red Riding Hood, sugar and spice and all things nice. There are two sides to every tale, and that is not how this one goes! What if the Big Bad Wolf wasn’t big or bad at all? What if they got it wrong? Robyn wants to tell you what really happened through a world of homemade make-believe. And here is where our story starts. A gentle wolf with a broken heart… The Wolf is isn’t big or bad, in fact he’s rather shy. He won’t gobble up your Grandma, he’s an all-round nice guy. Enjoy a new spin on this classic story – about two misfits who just want to fit in. Running time 50 minutes. Recommended 6-11yrs.

Rose Theatre, Kingston – Noggin The Nog

Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th January 2018

In the Lands of the North where the black rocks stand guard against the cold sea, the Men of the Northlands sit around their great log fires and they tell a tale… The Sagas of Noggin the Nog! Go North on a journey of adventure and discovery to battle the fearsome Ice Dragon and the dastardly deeds of Noggin’s wicked uncle, Nogbad the Bad! Silly Vikings, puppets and live music. Based on the popular TV Series. Running time 1 hour. Recommended TBC.

Lyric, Hammersmith – Snow White: The Return Of The Little Things

Saturday 27th January 2018

Far away a curiously mechanical kingdom is ruled by The Queen Who Never Smiles. The joyful Snow White must flee to The Wild Wood but finds there are others who refuse to live in a world without laughter. Running time 60 minutes. Recommended 4-11yrs.

Watermans, Brentford – The Little Mochi Man

Sunday 28th January 2018

It’s almost New Year and little Mochi Man, tired of being bullied because of his small size, decides to run away. Join him on his adventures as he travels from the snowy mountains of Hokkaido, to the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, meeting many wondrous creatures and characters along the way, including The Gingerbread Man and a very fast bullet train! What dangers lurk around the corner? Will he make friends, and will he make it back home in time for the celebrations? Mixing modern with traditional Japanese forms of story-telling and inspired by the traditions of Shogatsu (Japanese New Year celebrations) A Thousand Cranes brings a brand new piece of inventive theatre for young audiences; thought-provoking, funny and just a bit different.  With ‘origami’ puppets, animation and specially composed music, this is the perfect introduction to Japan for young children. Running time 50 minutes. Recommended 4-7yrs.

Lyric, Hammersmith – The Pixies’ Scarf

Saturday 3rd February 2018

Inspired by the evocative tale of The Pixies’ Scarf by Alison Uttely, Soap Soup Theatre present a magical treat for children and their families, set in the wild lands of Dartmoor. Dicky Bundle is evacuated from London to live with his Gran on Dartmoor. He misses his Dad, but then makes an unusual friend, who takes him on an unforgettable adventure! Running time 55 minutes. Recommended 3-8yrs.

Watermans, Brentford – Jack At The Beanstalk Cafe

Sunday 4th February 2018

Hand to Mouth Theatre present a nourishing bean-feast of stories in the Beanstalk Cafe, including the sweet and sour tale of The Old Woman in a Vinegar Bottle, and a tasty take on Jack and the Beanstalk. Watch and giggle as two full-grown adults play with their food as they search for the recipe for the perfect story. Using imaginatively designed shadows and table-top puppets, and including original live music and song, Martin Bridle and Su Eaton present a visually witty, musical and comical confection. Running time 45 minutes. Recommended 4-8yrs.

Richmond Theatre – The Jungle Book

Tuesday 6th to Saturday 10th February 2018

An exciting new adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s family classic, The Jungle Book, is loved as a wild and fun tale of family, belonging and identity. And now it comes to comes to life in a brand new show packed with memorable characters, new songs and brilliant storytelling. Mowgli the man cub battles for survival in this heart-warming coming-of-age story about a boy raised by wolves in the jungle. Running time TBC. Recommended 6+yrs.

Lyric, Hammersmith – The Star Seekers

Saturday 10th February 2018

Have you ever dreamt of flying to the moon? Visiting a space station? Becoming an astronaut? Join The Wardrobe Ensemble on a journey through the stars where you take the steering wheel. Inspired by our childhood wonder of the universe, we have created a unique theatre experience for children; a show that passes on our awe for the limitless majesty of galaxies, the solar system, shooting stars and planets to the next generation and also delves into one of greatest unanswered questions of the universe: what do astronauts really have for dinner?! Running time 55 minutes. Recommended 3-8yrs.

Watermans, Brentford – There & Back Again: An Odyssey

Sunday 11th February 2018

Follow CBeebies Patrick Lynch as he uses a pioneering mix of live cinema and theatre to take you on a thrilling ride across the magical world of ancient Greece. With miniature sets he directs the lights, camera and action in front of your eyes to show the famous battles, floating islands, one-eyed giants and angry Gods that make up Ulysees’ 20 year struggle to get back home. The use of multiple cameras magnifies in wide screen our table-top puppetry down to the smallest detail, turning a storm-in-a-teacup into an Aegean tempest, laying out the fundamental fable hidden in this classic of world-literature and proving that no matter how far you roam, there’s no place like Homer. Running time 60 minutes. Recommended 6-11yrs.

Richmond Theatre – Tiddler & Other Terrific Tales

Monday 12th to Tuesday 13th February 2018

Under the sea, out on the farm and into the jungle, these terrific tales are woven together with live music, puppetry and a whole host of colourful characters from Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s best-loved titles: Tiddler, Monkey Puzzle, The Smartest Giant in Town and A Squash and a Squeeze. Funky moves, toe-tapping tunes and giggles are guaranteed! Is Tiddler telling the truth? Will Monkey find his Mummy? Will George The Giant make lots of friends? Can the old lady really squash and squeeze all those animals in? Running time TBC. Recommended TBC.

Lyric, Hammersmith – Hare & Tortoise

Tuesday 13th to Saturday 17th February 2018

Ready? Steady? Go! Who’s the fastest; who’s the best? Who will finally win the race? Younger, fitter Hare – tearing around, unable to wait – or slow and steady Tortoise – taking the time to look at the stars? Find out in this funny, tender, award-winning adaptation of the well-loved story as we journey through the seasons from bud-bursting spring to snow-falling winter in a production brimming with music, movement and colour. Running time 50 minutes. Recommended 3-7yrs.

Watermans, Brentford – Bear & Butterfly

Tuesday 13th to Saturday 17th February 2018

Theatre Hullabaloo presents Bear & Butterfly, a charming tale of changing friendship for everyone aged 4 and above. Devised by the company from an original story by Gordon Poad. Bear likes peace and quiet. Other folk are bothering and Bear does not like to be bothered. One day, as Bear is sitting comfortably sipping his tea, deep in the branches of his tree he hears the munching and a crunching of a bright green Caterpillar. Bear and Caterpillar soon become the best of friends, Caterpillar munching happily through heroic tales of Bear’s younger life catching fish, raising cubs and being big, strong and fierce. But one day Caterpillar stops munching and looks sick. Bear fears he will lose his friend but, as if by magic, Caterpillar grows and stretches and from the leaves emerges a beautiful butterfly. Can Bear come to terms with this new version of his friend who flies high above the trees and has stories of his own? Puppetry, live music and beautiful storytelling combine in this charming tale about love, loss and friendship. Running time 50 minutes. Recommended 4-7yrs.

Polka Theatre, Wimbledon – I Believe In Unicorns

Wednesday 14th to Sunday 18th February 2018

An enchanting tale by Michael Morpurgo about the power of books and one boy’s bravery. Tomas hates reading and school, but his world is turned upside down the day he meets the Unicorn Lady in his local library, a place where the books hold more than stories within their pages… We challenge you not to believe in unicorns as we join Tomas’ interactive spellbinding journey. Running time 60 minutes. Recommended 6-12yrs.

Polka Theatre, Wimbledon – Hush-A-Bye

Wednesday 14th to Sunday 18th February 2018

Rock-a-bye baby, on the tree-top… Nestle among branches and meet the neighbours in an immersive tree-top world. The leafy canopy is home to some of the creatures you might expect, and one you definitely won’t – a tiny baby! Explore the sights, sounds and smells of a woodland wonderland in this interactive, multi-sensory production, with live music and puppets. Running time 55 minutes. Recommended 6mths-2yrs or 3-5yrs (separate performances).

Polka Theatre, Wimbledon – Tidy Up

Thursday 22nd to Sunday 25th February 2018

A very tidy dance-theatre show that gets messed up! Inspired by children’s logic to creating order and patterns, Tidy Up invites you to an unforgettable party where orderliness becomes exciting for children; and chaos becomes joyful for parents. Running time 50 minutes. Recommended 3-6yrs.

Polka Theatre, Wimbledon – Grandad’s Island

Thursday 22nd February to Sunday 4th March 2018

Grandad's IslandSyd’s favourite person in the whole wide world is Grandad. And Grandad’s favourite person is Syd. Join the intrepid duo as they head off on a heart-warming adventure filled with songs, laughter and jungles that will change their lives forever… Running time 50 minutes. Recommended 5-8yrs.

Lyric, Hammersmith – Yana & The Yeti

Saturday 24th February 2018

A tale of a young girl’s struggle for acceptance, and her discovery that friendship and love can come from most unexpected encounter. Imagine being far, far from home and all alone, arriving in a remote snow-bound village surrounded by dense forest and strange noises. This is how Yana’s story begins. She can’t understand a word anyone says and the other children tease her with tales of mythical mountain monsters. Then things start to get really hairy… Featuring exquisite music, arctic landscapes and a cast of extraordinary puppets, Yana and the Yeti is aimed at family audiences. This is a dark, funny and poignant tale of a small child’s determination to be understood and her discovery that friends can come in the most unexpected shapes and sizes. Running time 60 minutes. Recommended 5-11yrs.

Watermans, Brentford – Jay Foreman’s Disgusting Songs For Revolting Children

Sunday 25th February 2018

As heard on BBC Radio 4, Radio 4 Extra, and as seen on The One Show, London Live TV and Dave Gorman’s UK/Ireland tour. The multi award-winning musical comedian is back with charmingly sickable songs, stories, poems and a whole lot more for the whole family from small children to massive children (grown ups). Running time 60 minutes. Recommended 6-11yrs.

Polka Theatre, Wimbledon – Glisten

Wednesday 28th February to Sunday 4th March 2018

Come on a gentle and immersive journey exploring the world of reflective materials wrapped up in a soundscape of evocative yet laidback music. Watch as the theatre fills with colour, sounds and surprises, creating a sensory landscape ready to explore after the performance is over. Running time 40 minutes. Recommended 0-18mths.


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